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We exist to maximize your ability to meaningfully engage with and navigate intercultural relationships and environments

We want to help every person, group, and organization thrive in settings and relationships that are beyond their local context and their default cultural paradigm.

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Globalization has brought new opportunities to our ever-evolving reality

The world is at your doorstep! Now, more than ever before, we regularly engage with people from diverse backgrounds. It’s become commonplace for people to study or work in a country and culture that is unfamiliar to them. More and more organizations have multicultural staff teams or are operating in multiple nations. Travel and migration are easier than ever. Unfortunately, a vast majority of us are not prepared or equipped to meaningfully engage with people from diverse cultures

This is why Thriving Beyond exists! For individuals, we want to transform you into a culturally savvy global citizen that can be effective in any setting or relationship. For groups and organizations, we want to redefine your internal and external interactions so that all people involved feel valued, honored, and respected

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The cultural training that Thriving Beyond offers is applicable for...

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For individuals, we offer a Masterclass where you will learn with, and from, participants from around the world. The Masterclass is open for all and best suited for those who desire to grow in their ability to have meaningful relationships with diverse people.

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For groups, there’s a training designed specifically for you as well. If you’re going on a humanitarian aid trip, a religious mission trip, or simply a group vacation, it is vitally important that you equip yourselves with tools to navigate the local context.

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For organizations, we offer a deep dive into your cultural operating system. Whether you operate with a multicultural staff in one location or you are spread out with offices globally, Thriving Beyond can help you to have a more culturally intelligent organization.


Here at Thriving Beyond, there is not a one-size fits all approach. We offer multiple training options suitable for a variety of situations and circumstances.

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Organizational Training

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Personal Cultural Coaching


Here at Thriving Beyond, there is no one size fits all. We offer a variety of training options suitable for the different categories of people and organizations that we serve.

What people say about us...

Briana (England)

"The Thriving Beyond masterclass was very helpful in teaching ways to effectively navigate through different cultures while also being mindful of your own cultural views.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 "

Guma (Uganda)

"It was an enlightening experience and a door opener to many more conversations that will lead to lots of improvements as we interact with multi-cultures. 🇺🇬"

Olugbenga (Nigeria)

"It helped me to see that I have been black and white in my perspective. The sessions taught me to be open to other ways of seeing the world so as to accommodate other cultures. 🇳🇬"

Christel (Germany)

"It was extremely helpful as it provided information and resources on how to live and serve cross culturally. 🇩🇪"

What people say about us


Thriving Beyond: Engaging Meaningfully with Our Multicultural World

In Thriving Beyond, Matt Millar combines his vast cultural experience and educational knowledge to help us to see how culture is central to the very nature of who we are and how we interact with one another. The pages within hold insight that will deepen your understanding of culture and broaden your ability to effectively navigate intercultural relationships. Drawing on anthropology, sociology, and psychology, this book is a perfect primer for knowing what it takes to meaningfully engage with the diverse world around you.